India, since time immemorial, is known world over for its wide array of spices. Our spices, which come in varied distinguished flavours, blend in beautifully with various cuisines giving them the unique delectable aromatic foundation that’s typical to India and in-demand across the globe. Poonjiaji’s range of Chutney, Pickles, Condiments, Pastes and Spices have an unmatched mix of the old world charm & flavor along with 21st century skill and expertise giving our blend of spices that extra something, which can only be brought in by a brand that has been serving the world for over a century.


blog_opt_3Poonjiaji’s are proud to be the Original Inventors of Major Grey’s Mango Chutney and Sweet Sliced Mango Chutney, which today have become a household name across the world. Only farm fresh raw mangoes are hand picked and used for the preparation of Poonjiaji’s chutneys. Poonjiaji’s expertise lies in cooking them to perfection, which makes them such hot favourites.


We offer the following chutneys:

Product Size MRP
Sweet Sliced Mango Chutney 283g bottle 95
Chunda 283g bottle 95
Mint Coriander Chutney 283g bottle 54
Khatti Meethi Chutney 283g bottle 65
Tamarind Date Chutney 283g bottle 95


Seeing the changing enviornment, wherein the house wife has now started to work, very little time is left with her to prepare good dishes for her family. We at poonjiajis have developed a new range of products, known as ready to cook gravies. It’s simple, all a person has to do is to mix the contents of the pouch with water, cook for not more than 15-20 minutes, and serve hot.
The different varieties of Ready To Cook Gravies packed in 100g pouches are:

Product Size MRP
All Purpose Gravy 100 gms 40
Bombay Pav Bhaji 100 gms 40
Bhuna Gosht 100 gms 40
Butter Chicken 100 gms 55
Chicken Curry 100 gms 40
Fish Curry 100 gms 40
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani 100 gms 45
Kalimiri 100 gms 45
Kadhai 100 gms 45
Kolhapuri 100 gms 40
Paneer Makhani 100 gms 55
Roganjosh 100 gms 40


Product Size MRP
Biryani Masala 100 gms 50
Chole Masala 100 gms 49
Chaat Masala 100 gms 45
Chicken Curry Masala 100 gms 55
Garam Masala 100 gms 55
Kadhai Masala 100 gms 50
Kitchen King Masala 100 gms 40
Meat Curry Masala 100 gms 53
Madras Curry Powder 100 gms 40
Pav Bhaji Masala 100 gms 45
Sambhar Masala 100 gms 41
Tandoori Masala 100 gms 50


Pickles is made in households all across the Indian sub continent. The taste of the pickle varies from region to region. This also depends on the availability of spices in that region. At Poonjiajis, only the best quality lime, chiili, mango, etc. Is hand picked and used in the preparation of pickles.
We offer the following Pickles:

Product Size MRP
Mixed Pickle 283g bottle 75
Mango Pickle 283g bottle 75
Lime Pickle 283g bottle 75
Chilli Pickle 283g bottle 75
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