We at M. M. Poonjiaji Spices Limited are committed to Quality in its good sense. Consequently, we are clear that everyone in the company from the Managing Director to Operator is responsible for the quality of his output.
Each of the two factories, Nasik & Ratlam, have functional Quality department which inspects incoming raw materials as well as the finished products to specified standards. The finished products are moreover released only after trained taste panels have given their approval. On the other hand, the production department is responsible for the online process control ensuring quality of finished products.
A corporate quality function exists at our Head Office in Mumbai.

Some of the key responsibilities of this function are given below:

  • Issue and regularly update specification for edible material, packaging materials and finished products.
  • Put Quality system in place to ensure consistency of output.
  • Assist top management in formulating top Quality policy.
  • Undertake quality audits in manufacturing units, the suppliers and also the market place.
  • Keep abreast of International Food Law