Chicken Korma
Recipe Type: Lunch
Cuisine: Indian
  • Butter 1tbsp
  • Boneless chicken pieces 450g (1lb)
  • Poonjiaji’s Curry base 1/3 cup (60 gms)
  • Korma spice mix 1 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 tsp
  • Fresh cream 1/2 cup
  • Salt As per taste
  1. In a medium sized pan Saute Chicken pieces for 2-3 min. in Butter. Add Poonjiaji’s Curry base. Add Korma spice mix, Sugar & Turmeric powder. Cook for a min. Add water bring the content to boil, cover & simmer on medium flame for 10-15 min.or until chicken is cooked. Add salt as per taste. For creaminess add ½ cup Fresh Cream & further cook for 2 min. Garnish the Curry with chopped coriander leaves,Toasted cashew & Raisins
  2. * For extra heat Add 1 tsp each of Chilli powder & Black pepper powder.
Serve hot with Indian Bread or Steamed Indian Basmati Rice.