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The place, India. The year, 1883. The man, M. M. Poonjiaji. A connoisseur to the core. A man whose vision of reviving the splendor of Indian cuisine and taking it across the seas gave birth to M. M. Poonjiaji the company. Poonjiajis history dates back to the days of the Raj. When we first started making chutneys to suit British tastes. Instant success and popularity found M. M. Poonjiaji being appointed to his Excellency, theGovernor of Bombay, as official supplier. At Poonjiajis, we have continuously evolved and created a whole range of Chutneys, Pickles, Condiments, Pastes and spices to suit international palates. It is due to this sheer skill and expertise in blending age-old techniques with the modern that has won us awards at international exhibitions, since 1891. Yes, at Poonjiajis everything, even awards have a tradition.