Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka


  • 2 cups big paneer (cottage cheese) cubes
  • ¾ cup onion cubes
  • ¾ cup tomato cubes
  • ¾ cup capsicum cubes
  • Poonjiaji’s Tikka Marinade 


  1. Add 3/4 cup onion cubes, 3/4 cup tomato cubes and 3/4 cup capsicum cubes in Poonjiaji’s Tikka Marinade.
  2. Add 2 cups paneer (cottage cheese).
  3. Gently mix to coat them well in the marinade. Keep aside to marinade for atleast 1 hour.
  4. Arrange the marinated onion, tomato, capsicum and paneer cubes on a wooden skewer.
  5. Heat 1 tbsp of oil, in a grill pan.
  6. Place 3 skewers in batches.
  7. Grill them on medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes while turning around to get the even grill marks evenly.
  8. Serve paneer tikka hot with green chutney and pickled onions.

Do not use malai paneer for this recipe, else the paneer might break while inserting on the skewers.
You can also marinate it overnight for intense flavours.

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